Apple postpones the launch of digital identity until this date

The digital ID or digital driver’s license functionality, originally announced at WWDC 2021, will not be available from Apple until early 2022, according to an iOS 15 page update.

Apple did not provide a specific release date for the feature beyond the initial 2022 time frame. The feature was also not enabled in the latest iOS 15.2 beta.

The change comes after news that the company was seeking strict control over the way in which states implement the function, which in was previously indicated as in I arrive at the end of quest’year.

The company announced that the feature allows you to use the Wallet app to store your digital identity for use at airport security checks.

The system depends on the state that supports it. The company has announced that Arizona and Georgia will be the prime to allow citizens to add their own licenses to their phones (with Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah in following). But he didn’t specify when exactly this would happen.

Earlier this month, a report showed how limited Apple’s contracts are with selected states to lead the program.

Under the Georgia, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Kentucky contracts, the company has sole discretion over how states market the program and how to report its success.

It also has the power to determine which date of issue of the software and hardware can mark these states as compatible.

States, and therefore taxpayers, are also responsible for funding the program. This despite Apple’s choice at the time of its launch.

Apple has conflicting information on its site about when digital identifiers will be available. The All New Features page in iOS 15 still says the feature will arrive in late 2021. But it’s hard to see it happening now.

Holidays and holidays that come to the end of the year are approaching. This makes it difficult to traditionally complete projects, especially if other organizations are involved (in in this case, state governments).

Apple functionality was specified in late 2021

This wasn’t the only feature absent from the official launch of iOS 15. The new version of the operating system launched without many of the main features announced by the company.

Many of these have been added via updates or have appeared in the upcoming beta of iOS 15.2. And that’s even though Universal Control is still missing for those who want to control their Mac and iPad using the same mouse and keyboard. Apple is still promising to release it by the end of the fall.

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