Apple sues an Israeli company that made spyware for its users

Apple filed a lawsuit against NSO, the manufacturer of spyware Pegasus, on Tuesday for targeting users of its devices, arguing that the Israeli company involved in the spyware scandal should be held accountable.

The lawsuit brought by the Silicon Valley giant adds to the problems of NSO, which emerged after reports that tens of thousands of users in all over the world have been listed as potential targets for his software Pegasus.

A few weeks ago, American authorities banned American institutions from dealing with NSO, against the backdrop of reports of violations committed by the Israeli company.

“To prevent further abuse and harm to its users, Apple is seeking a permanent injunction preventing the NSO Group from using any software, Apple hardware or service, “Apple said in a note announcing the cause.

He added, “The NSO Group creates state-sponsored advanced surveillance technology that allows its spyware … to track its victims.”

Following the concern raised by Pegasus, another concern emerged when Apple, the iPhone maker, released a settings update in September to fix a vulnerability that allowed spyware to infiltrate devices even without the user clicking. a malicious message or link.

Malware called “Zero Click” is in able to sneak in in a targeted device and Citizen Lab researchers discovered it.

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