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Apple tvOS 16.3 Releases

Apple released tvOS 16.3 today. This is the third major update to the tvOS 16 operating system, which came out in September. Six weeks after tvOS 16.2, which added Apple Music Sing, tvOS 16.3 is now available for the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

tvOS 16.3
tvOS 16.3

The tvOS 16.3 update can be downloaded over the air by going to System > Software Update in the Settings app on the Apple TV. If you have automatic software updates turned on for your Apple TV, tvOS 16.3 will automatically update you.

Most tvOS updates are small and focus on fixing bugs and making improvements on the inside rather than making big changes on the outside. We don’t know what’s in the tvOS 16.3 update yet, and no new features were found during beta testing.

The tvOS support document, which Apple updates after each tvOS release, has information about new versions of tvOS.


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