Apple Unveils Hybrid Reality Helmet with Strict Health Warnings to Avoid Lawsuits

Apple’s Hybrid Reality Helmet comes with Health Warnings

Apple has unveiled a hybrid reality helmet, issuing strict health warnings to users in an attempt to protect the company from lawsuits.

Contraindications for the use of the Apple Hybrid Reality Headset

According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, who posted the warnings on his Twitter account: “The list of contraindications for the use of the Apple Hybrid Reality Headset includes warnings for users suffering from migraines and head injuries.”

Safety Precautions for Users

“People with anxiety disorders, pregnant women, people with pacemakers and people with Meniere’s disease have been warned about the dangers of using a hybrid reality helmet,” the journalist added. The list will also include users with traumatic brain injury, post-concussion syndrome, migraine and dizziness. People prone to inner ear infections, ADHD, anxiety disorders, epilepsy, fainting or seizures should use the helmet with caution.

Health Warnings to protect the company from Lawsuits

Gorman pointed out that the health warnings directed to users are intended to protect the company from lawsuits. According to Wccftech, “At this point, the last thing Apple needs is a PR nightmare, especially if an accident occurs that causes the wearer’s health to deteriorate as a result of wearing the headset.”

Consult a Doctor before using the Headset

Apple will also warn potential buyers to consult a doctor before using the new gadget.

Official Presentation and Features

It is expected that for the first time the helmet will be officially presented on the evening of June 5, at the Apple Developers Conference, where the organizers will reveal the details of the development and production of new items. And at the end of May, Ross Young, president of Display Supply Chain Consultants, revealed that Apple’s hybrid reality headset will feature high-resolution, larger screens.



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