Apple’s macOS Mojave and 32-bit games will no longer be supported by Steam

The End of an Era: Steam to End Support for macOS Mojave and 32-Bit Games

Valve’s popular gaming store, Steam, has announced that it will drop support for macOS High Sierra and macOS Mojave early next year, marking the end of an era for Mac users who enjoy playing 32-bit games on their devices. This move will have significant implications for Mac gamers, as it will impact the availability of updates, security updates, and technical support for the Steam Client on these older operating systems.

Valve’s Announcement

Valveannounced in a support post on Steam¬†that macOS 10.14 was the last version to support running 32-bit games on macOS. With Apple’s decision to drop support for 32-bit applications in macOS 10.15, many developers have not updated their games to support 64-bit executables, which means that some games will effectively stop functioning on macOS.

Impact on Mac Users

As a result of this change, the Steam store will no longer consider games that offer only 32-bit macOS binaries to be Mac-compatible at the end of 2023. While this is the majority of Mac users, as 98%+ of Steam customers on Mac are already running macOS 10.15 or newer, it still leaves a portion of the user base unable to enjoy their favorite games on their current operating systems.

Valve’s Decision and Its Background

This decision by Valve was not made in isolation. According to ArsTechnica, it is related to Google’s decision to end support for macOS 10.13 and 10.14 in Chrome, upon which several parts of the Steam UI rely. Additionally, Apple ended security updates and technical support for macOS 10.13 in December 2020 and for macOS 10.14 in October 2021, further pushing Valve to align its future versions of Steam with the features and security updates only present in macOS 10.15 and above.

Looking to the Future

While this news may be disheartening for some Mac users, Valve has assured that it still expects the Steam client and games on these older operating systems to continue running for some time. However, the writing is on the wall, and Mac users will eventually need to upgrade to a newer version of macOS to continue enjoying the full benefits of the Steam gaming store.

In conclusion, users who are working on macOS High and macOS Mojave will need to plan an upgrade if they want to continue using the Steam gaming store and accessing future game updates. While this may come as a disappointment for some, it is a necessary step as technology and software continue to evolve. As the gaming industry moves towards more advanced and secure platforms, Mac users need to keep pace with the changes to ensure they can continue enjoying their favorite games in the future.

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