Apply to succeed Truss in Britain … more powerful than a brilliant economist

A number of names of candidates for the succession of British Prime Minister Liz Terrace emerged soon after her resignation from her post today, Thursday, in waiting for the conservative party in power to decide its options through internal elections to be held in the coming days, which will end with a new party and government leader succeeding him Terrace, who resigns in the midst of a suffocating economic crisis that devastates the country.

Terass’s resignation came shortly after the resignation of Finance Minister Kwasi Quarting, who was dismissed just 38 days after taking office due to the economic plan that caused great chaos in financial and economic circles, and that plan was his first. decision as soon as he entered in charge, while the government refused in following.

Liz Terrace’s resignation comes just two months after winning the Conservative Party’s internal elections and joining in charge to succeed former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, thus recording Terrace one of the shortest periods that the Ten Downing Street office has attended, meaning it is one of the shortest and possibly the shortest in absolute for a Ministers president in Great Britain.

According to an analysis published by the British newspaper “The Guardian”, on Thursday evening and seen by “Al”, the strongest candidate to succeed Teres is former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who had contended with Terrace for the position of prime minister two months ago, but she surpassed him, referring to The facade is back now later. who had resigned from her post due to the economic crisis.

Sunak is considered to be one of Britain’s most established and well-known economists and during the summer he had been in heads to the polls of parliamentarians, but at the time of the vote he was unable to obtain the necessary votes to become prime minister.

According to a report from the Daily Telegraph newspaper, which was posted on its website webThursday night, and seen by “Al”, the prevailing belief in political and economic circles is that Sunak was the one who led the battle that ended with the resignation of Teras and ousted her from her position in the government and in the party together.

Markets rebounded on news that Sunak had taken the lead in the wake of Terrace’s departure, due to his previous strong rejection of the business plan and his public criticism of it.

Sunak had repeatedly put in guarding Truss from introducing excessive tax cuts and subsequent market turmoil proved that he was right, that he had good foresight and that he was a skilled economist.

The Guardian says Sunak can be seen as “the voice of quiet technocratic expertise, but many conservative MPs put it in doubt, while his vast wealth and position of someone whose family used underhanded tactics to reduce taxes could prove to be a business boon in difficult economic times “.

And the Guardian says former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also one of the strongest candidates to succeed Truss, the strong man who led the process of leaving the European Union, and reached a reasonable agreement for the ‘exit.

The third candidate for this position is Penny Mordaunt, the former secretary of defense who spent her time in the Terrace government from the inside, as leader of the House of Commons, but was isolated from the more controversial decisions and in able to show his talent from time to time in once in a while, as she did last week when she lined up in Terrace’s favor to answer an urgent question, according to the “Guardian”.

Mordaunt is likely to be a favorite of many Conservative MPs, according to the British newspaper’s analysis.

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