Appointment of first black female spokesperson for the White House

US President Joe Biden on Thursday named Karen Jean-Pierre the new White House spokesperson as the first woman of color and lesbian to hold the office.

Starting May 13, Jean-Pierre will replace Jeanne Psaki, having served as her deputy until now, according to a statement released by the U.S. presidency.

Biden expressed his pride in this appointment.

The president of the United States praised his new spokesperson’s “experience, talent and integrity”.

“She will be the first black woman to enter in charge “, Jane Psaki, who has announced since he took in he delivers the monument that he will withdraw from him before the end of Biden’s term, added that his successor “would give a voice to many people and allow many to have big dreams”.

And i media Americans reported that Psaki will join the old “MSNBC” station.

Karen Jean-Pierre was born in Martinique from Haitian parents who in later they emigrated to the United States.

He worked on Barack Obama’s election campaigns (2008 and 2012) and then Joe Biden’s in 2020 before joining his team at the White House.

She graduated from prestigious Columbia University before turning to associations and politics. She has often spoken of her family’s “American Dream” journey and her decisive impact on her career.

She grew up in New York where her father worked as a taxi driver and her mother worked in home health care.

In 2018, he said in a video clip from the “Move On” organization, which was once one of its most prominent faces, “I represent everything (former president) Donald Trump hates.”