Approximately 4,000 deaths and 412,000 new cases of corona in India

According to official information, India recorded die released on Thursday set a new record number of deaths within 24 hours in Corona, die down to about four thousand and die new injuries totaled 412,000.

Health Ministry figures show that die Number of deaths 3,980 and die Number of injuries in reached 412,262 in the last 24 hours.

This results in a total of 230,168 deaths die epidemic in India while die Total number of infections in India has reached 21.1 million since the Covid-19 epidemic began.

Has a second deadly wave of coronavirus infections in the last few weeks in made its way across India, leading to a shortage of hospital beds and oxygen for patients.

Due to the widespread spread of the epidemic in India told the U.S. Department of State on Wednesday that it had consented to the voluntary departure of its employees, die do not offer emergency services from India.

For his part, the Indian Foreign Minister withdrew from the seven summit meetings on Wednesday in London returned and isolated after it was confirmed that members of his country’s delegation were infected with the new coronavirus.

Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmaniyam Jay Shankar wrote on his Twitter account: “Last night I was informed of my contact with possible positive cases, die were infected with the Covid-19 virus. As a kind of precautionary measure and also taking others into account, I decided to run my links in standard mode. “

British media reported that two members of the Indian delegation had tested positive for the virus.

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