Apryl and Fizz reveal their thoughts on the Moniece massacre leaving love and hip HOP – she answers

Moniece Slaughter has been a staple of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and even made an appearance in the Atlanta flap when she started a romance with Scrapp Deleon. The mother of a child says goodbye to the franchise that put it on the card and her baby dad and his girlfriend have revealed their thoughts on the matter.

For the last few seasons of the show, Moniece called it a toxic work environment that affects his mental health. She often called the producers for how the show’s editing makes it look.

Now that she has fulfilled her contractual obligation, Slaughter is done with the reality series – or is she?

In a video shared by the shadow room, Apryl and Fizz gave their opinion on Moniece’s claim.

Jones doesn’t believe it.

“I would be happy if it was her last season but I don’t believe what Moniece says, I think she will come back. I believe that one day she will need the check because she has nothing else. Moniece talks a lot, that’s why at this point we think it’s blah blah blah. “

Meanwhile, the singer B2K thinks she will be back if she is allowed.

“Moniece has nothing to do and at the end of the day if she is allowed to return, she will do it.”

The singer responded to the couple on her own page with a caption that said, “ Please, don’t force me to get out of early retirement strictly to take another ride with you and yo b *** * a good god * * n times! But for real this time. I’m going to go ahead and take your head straight, come back and kiss yours. In fact @ waltermosley… hit Zevit. I was leaving peacefully but a b **** n **** just doesn’t want me to be great. So let me cut it once or twice. Get out for good. Remember who really went there and chased you. “


Do you think she really finished with the show?

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