Arab Cup: Morocco and Algeria to cross and Saudi Arabia to compensate

Doha: The second round of the Arab Cup football tournament in the capital of Qatar will see two strong challenges between Morocco and Jordan in an attempt to reserve the qualifying ticket for the third group, while the fourth group will see an effort by Algeria and Egypt to qualify for expenditure respectively of Lebanon and Sudan. In the same third group, Saudi Arabia will have the opportunity to compensate for the defeat with a clean goal in the first round against Jordan, when they meet mangled Palestine with a clear four against Morocco. And qualifying for the third round will not be easy prey for either Morocco or Jordan in a fierce Afro-Asian confrontation. The two teams are thrilled with the prime two victories that will be based on them. As a result, Iraqi Jordanian national team coach Adnan Hamad said in a press conference before the Doha match: “This is a match for early qualification. Our ambition is to appear in the required form and achieve a positive result.” And the Jordanian team will be absent from the Jordanian team, Muhammad Al-Miri, Yazan Al-Nuaimat, due to injury, and Ihsan Haddad, due to dismissal. He added: “We have to face the game with great concentration, even if the rest time was short, but I am optimistic and the players are more present mentally, especially after getting into the atmosphere of the tournament.” For his part, the Moroccan coach Al-Hussein Amota said: “It will be a qualifying match, but it will not be the last (…), but it is a difficult confrontation for two neighboring teams of level, and the difference between theirs is the tactical organization against a mentally present team. ” – Saudi Arabia to restore prestige – The Saudi team seeks to make up for their first defeat when they take on their Palestinian counterpart at Education City Stadium. The Saudi team lost the first match to Jordan 0-1, while the Palestinian team lost to Morocco 0-4. The Saudi and Palestinian teams occupy the third and fourth places in ranking, without points. Despite the Saudi national team playing with a group of Olympic and youth players, they did not deliver a great performance in the last game, in attuned to the great potential enjoyed by most of his players, some of whom mainly participate with his club. In an effort to maintain his chances of qualification, the ranks of the “greens” should witness the return of striker Firas Al-Braikan, who missed the first game with a health problem, while Nayef Al-Mas could participate in the place of Khalifa Al-Dosari, suspended for red card. And the Saudi coach of the French league, Laurent Bonadi, confirmed after the defeat against Jordan, that the team “is in able to make up for it in the next matches “, recalling what the” greens “did two years ago in Doha in the Gulf Championship, underlining that this” scenario is repeatable. “For its part, the Palestinian team did not achieve the level expected in its match previous, as he suffered a heavy defeat against Morocco, despite being in the first team. And he hopes to overcome that defeat and remain in the center of the competition for one of the two qualifying cards to the next round, despite the difficulty of the confrontation with the Saudi Arabia. – Algeria and Egypt for African supremacy – Appointment in group D to try to qualify Algeria even at the expense of Lebanon, which tries to compensate for the first defeat against Egypt with a clean goal. Algeria had won the opening match against Sudan with a clean four, which put it in head to the group. As for the exam, it will be difficult for Lebanon, the only Asian team in the group with three African teams, and they will try to come out with a positive result that will keep their chances of qualification. For its part, after its difficult victory over Lebanon, Egypt will face its neighbor, Sudan, tied to the Algerian quartet, and therefore the fate of the group has been decided in advance, in so that the third and last round was a foregone conclusion. (AFP)

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