Arab League: international intervention is needed to rescue two Palestinian prisoners

The League of Arab States has invited international organizations and bodies interested in human and children’s rights and the International Committee of the Red Cross to intervene immediately to save the lives of two Palestinian prisoners, the girl Amal Nakhleh (18) and Nasser Abu Hamid, before it is too late, invoking the need to exert more pressure on the Israeli occupation to comply with the provisions and regulations of the law and the abolition of administrative detention orders and the release of all administrative prisoners and patients, in particularly the elderly.

Assistant Secretary General for Palestine and the Occupied Arab Territories in the Arab League, Ambassador Dr. Saeed Abu Ali, held the Israeli occupation authority fully responsible for the lives of the two prisoners, “Nakhla” and “Abu Hamid. “, adding that the Palestinian sector and the occupied Arab territories are following with great concern the continuing theft of prisoners and sick detainees by the occupation authorities, their right to obtain treatment and the necessary follow-up sanitary.

Ambassador Abu Ali said the “Nakhla” child was placed under arbitrary administrative detention for nearly a year without any charges against him, despite suffering from a severe immune disease and having undergone several delicate surgeries before. of his arrest, but the occupation authorities are still practicing a policy of slow killing against him while ignoring deliberate and systematic medical abandonment, which has resulted in severe deterioration of his health and life-threatening complications, especially at light of the high number of infections of prisoners with the Corona virus in the last period.

Abu Ali warned that the number of sick prisoners in prisons and occupation detention centers has reached 600 prisoners in need of careful medical attention, 4 of whom have cancer, including inmate “Abu Hamid”, who has been detained since 2002. , and who is still suffering from worsening health conditions after also suffering from acute inflammation of the lungs due to bacterial contamination