Arab League: Occupation authorities continue to confiscate and demolish Palestinian lands

The League of Arab States has put in guard against the repercussions of systematic Israeli policies and practices on the Palestinian environment, calling on the competent and competent bodies of the international community to pressure the Israeli occupation authorities to assume their responsibility to ensure that the looting of Palestinian lands and their resources cease and cease to damage the Palestinian environment which aims to undermine the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.

In a statement released today by the “Palestinian Sector and Occupied Arab Territories” in on the occasion of “World Environment Day”, the University invited the international community, donor countries and institutions to allocate the skills and resources necessary to support environmental development projects, including water and sanitation facilities and projects infrastructural, in order to reach a non-environmental environment Polluted and suitable for the life of the Palestinian people.

He explained that the occupation authorities continue to confiscate and demolish the land, as the areas confiscated for the purpose of establishing military bases and Israeli military training sites accounted for about 18% of the land.area of the West Bank, as well as burning crops and trees and destroying Palestinian lands to build bypass roads and erect the apartheid wall.