Arabsat signs a contract with the European “Thales Alenia” for the production of a new satellite

The Arab Satellite Communications Corporation (Arabsat) has signed a contract with the European company Thales Alenia Space for the production of the satellite (7-A), which is expected to be launched in 2025 on the exclusive site web by Arabsat 30.5.

The new moon (7-a) will cover the Middle East, the African continent and much of Europe and Asia.

Arabsat will thus be able to become part of the world’s leading group of satellite operators for satellite communications, which have been able to switch to this technology; Enable your services and activities by switching from traditional satellites to satellite systems with software flexible, as reported by the Saudi press agency, “SPA”.

The face of the satellite industry is expected to change; As the “Space Inspire” platform will provide instant changes to broadband communication networks in orbit and will use the capabilities of the satellite in most effective way.

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