Are red onions healthier than their other counterparts?

Dr. Michael Ginzburg, a Russian nutrition expert, stated that red onions are healthier than regular onions because they contain a high percentage of anthocyanin compounds that have antioxidant properties.

And the expert notes in a TV interview that red onion strengthens the immune system.

“Anything that strengthens and stabilizes the immune cell membrane and makes it more resistant to damage strengthens the immune system,” he says.
In addition, he adds, red onion improves liver function.

He says: “There are foods that increase inflammation, such as sugar and bad fats. There are others that reduce these infections. The liver, in accordance with its functions, is subject to inflammation. alcoholic fatty liver disease, which can develop into fatty hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. “Liver. This is due to the increased fat content and inactivity. But eating fruits and vegetables of different colors protects the liver from developing this disease.”

According to him, red onion contains phytoncides, therefore it has an antibacterial effect and improves bowel function. Red onion also lowers blood pressure and helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

For his part, Dr. Agapkin says: “The risk of bowel cancer is reduced by 17 percent in those who regularly eat onions.”

Source: News. EN