Argentina: Adequate procedures. Brazil replies: there is fraud

A statement from the Argentine Football Association confirms the integrity of the procedures carried out by the Argentine national team in Brazil according to the established protocol, and awaits the decision of FIFA, with condemnation and regret for such actions that kill sportsmanship. According to Argentina, to confirm the bubble system, 3 days (72 hours) is the quarantine period for players from abroad who have been in Great Britain in the past 15 days. And Argentine officials added that their 4 players did not train during their stay after the Venezuela game and remained in hotel in quarantine, so we are confident in the correctness of our procedures. For its part, the Brazilian government confirms that it received a picture from the Argentine delegation two and a half hours before the match on the situation.The Brazilian government also believes that there is a falsification of documents, so they stormed the match.

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