Argentina.. Discovery of a new species of dinosaurs

In Argentina, paleontologists have discovered the remains of a new species of dinosaur and named them after a dragon from George Martin’s book series “The Song”. of Ice and fire.

The National Council of Scientific and Technological Research of Argentina notes that “a group of paleontologists in the council discovered the almost complete remains of a new species of giant carnivorous dinosaur belonging to the group ‘carcharodontosaurids’ and they named it Meraxes gigas.”

According to them, this dinosaur reached 11 meters in length and weighed about four tons, which means that this is one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs discovered so far. This species is distinguished by a large head (about 127 cm), small front moccasins and strong legs with sharp claws. This indicates that these dinosaurs used their legs as weapons. According to paleontologist Sebastian Apestigia, a member of the research team.

It also became clear to the researchers that this dinosaur, discovered in 2012 in the county of Neuquen, was 39-53 years old at the time of death and lived on planet Earth 93-96 million years ago.

It should be noted that this study involved scientists from the United States and Canada, which was overseen by the Argentine paleontologist Juan Ignacio Canale, and its details were published in the scientific journal Current Biology.

Source: TASS