Armed forces of the Kyiv regime receive 4 test complexes of the American Avenger system

The United States plans to supply the Kyiv regime’s armies with M1097 Avenger (Rebel) systems as part of a new $400 million US military aid package.

However, the number of M1097 Avenger air defense systems will not exceed 4. It seems that the Americans first want to verify the effectiveness of their systems in the conditions of using modern aircraft and helicopters, as well as drones of all kinds, including suicide drones, on the battlefield.

The American system is based on a four-wheel drive armored vehicle known as a Humvee, which is equipped with missiles used in the FIM-92 Stinger mobile systems. Eight missiles are placed in two containers. It is capable of hitting targets at a distance of 200 to 5500 meters, knowing that the target’s altitude is in the range of 0 to 3800 meters.

The system was also armed with a Belgian-made 12.7 mm machine gun, which can be used against both ground and air targets. The system includes optical means, night vision devices, a laser rangefinder, a friend-enemy identification device, communications equipment, the system can fire from a position or movement. It can also be controlled remotely from a distance of 50 meters.

The system weighs 4,300 kg and has a maximum speed of 105 km on a paved road, on which it can travel 560 km without refueling, and the system has a crew of two.

It is noteworthy that Ukraine will become one of the few countries with such systems.

Source: Russian newspaper