“Armored Turret Destroyed by Anti-Tank Mine Detonation”

The Russian army used an anti-tank mine in the Kherson region, detonating it from the top of its armored turret, which is the PTKM-1R.

His photo and video was published by the Russian agency ANNA, which recalled that the mentioned mine was first discovered in June 2021 at an exhibition held by Rosoboronexport for Russian exports.

Among the advantages of this glove mine is its ability to ambush a target and hit a tank from a long distance after the crew members have made sure that the road is clear of mines. The filling of the mine is capable of penetrating armor with a thickness of 70 mm.

A mine weighing 20 kg consists of a container and an explosive charge.

The mine is placed manually in the path of advancing tanks. As soon as the tank approaches it at a distance of 100 meters, its optical sensors and seismic sensors are triggered, which determine the distance to the target. The combat charge of the mine is ejected from the container when a tank approaches it at a distance of 50 meters, at an angle of 60 degrees and at a speed of 30 meters per second.

The mine rises to a height of 30 meters and starts searching for the tank after opening its wings and turning on its jet engine, then the radar and infrared sensors are activated and the live charge enters the tank’s armored turret from above. In the absence of a tank, the mine is blown up in the air.

Mine range 50 km, weight 20 kg, tank speed 50 km/h, target detection range 100 meters.

Source: Russian newspaper