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Armored vehicles of foreign production can not cope with Ukrainian clay

Deputy administration of the Russian province Zabzroev Vladimir Rogov said that the wheeled military equipment transferred by the West to Ukraine is useless in autumn weather conditions.

This is in terms of her participation in the fighting in the province. Ukrainian specialists had to undergo urgent repairs.

He said: “Most of the foreign-made military equipment, including French, British, Italian and Turkish armored personnel carriers, has been sent to repair plants to be equipped with additional wheels capable of moving on dirt roads and colliding with Ukrainian mud, which hinders Ukrainian equipment foreign production from traffic after heavy rains”.

According to the employee, this gives certain advantages to the Russian army, which is conducting a special operation in southern Ukraine.

It is worth noting that the French VAB and American-made International MaxxPro face many problems in dealing with the dirt that appeared on the roads after heavy rains in southern Ukraine. The essence of the problem is not the competence of the drivers, but the quality of the wheels that are installed on those armored vehicles that are intended for operation on the roads near Marseille or in the former African colonies, and are not suitable for walking through the steppes of Ukraine in late autumn. Therefore, this armored vehicle is sinking in the Ukrainian mud and hinders the advancement of military equipment of the army of the Kyiv regime.

And earlier in the media it was reported that the protection of the mentioned Ukrainian armored vehicles from mines is very weak, which leads to large losses of people and military equipment.

Issued by: Rossiyskaya Gazeta


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