Army-Navy pregame hand signals were not racist, officials say

Leaders of the US Military Academy and the Naval Academy announced Friday that hand signals from captains and cyclists shining before last week’s Army-Navy football game were no “white” but “declarations” of the weekend. “.

The findings were announced five days after the launch of an investigation into ESPN cameras capturing the signals during the network’s pregame broadcast. There was a sharp divide as to whether the gestures – index fingers and thumbs joined in a circle, the other three fingers stretched – were racist. The hand signal, which is generally associated with the saying “OK”, is also related to “WP”, or “white power”.

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The academy’s leaders rejected the statements of racism in separate statements (via

By Darryl A. Williams, Inspector of the US Military Academy: “Last Saturday we had reason to believe that these acts were an innocent game and not linked to extremism, but we must take seriously claims such as these. the immature behavior of the lower ones. “

From Vice President Sean Buck, Head of the Maritime Academy: “We are sure the gestures used were not intended to be racist in any way, however, we are disappointed with the immature behavior of the two Midshipmen of the Fourth Class and their actions will be countered. “

According to CNN, the investigator collected more than 40 items, including emails and interviews.

The object of the “game cycle” is to get another person to look at the “OK” signal, which is delivered by hand. Those caught staring at the hand then hit the hand.

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