Arnold: Something is not going well at Liverpool

LONDON: Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold said he and his teammates were confident in themselves, but said it was clear that “something is not going well” at the time. Liverpool suffered a second consecutive English Premier League defeat to Leeds United 1/2, and first lost to Nottingham Forest 0/1. British news agency “BA Media” reported that these losses made the team of Liverpool, who have lost four games, equal wins and a tie, and is ninth in the same season in ranking, eight points behind the qualifying places for the European Champions League. After Liverpool will host Napoli in Champions League next Tuesday, on Sunday they will face Tottenham Hotspur in third place in classification, in English Premier League. “I would say we all believe in ourselves, we believe in the way in we play, in the team and in what we can achieve, “Alexander-Arnold told the official website of the club. “But I think when setbacks occur, it can make you criticize yourself and put in discuss the reasons for this regression, “he added.” Obviously, as a team, something is wrong, it’s not as good as we would like, “he said. It’s something everyone has to think about, everyone has to deal with and make sure that let’s correct, especially in next week’s match against Tottenham. ” He explained: “We need to collect some points if we have any chance of achieving our goals and aspirations for this season.” The Liverpool right-back described the first defeat in home of the team from March 2021 as difficult to accept. “I think we are not at our best, I think many players would say it personally and as a team in general, “he said.” But we still create opportunities to score goals and win games. But we weren’t in able to do so, especially in the last two league games “. (dpa)

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