Arresting the mastermind of the Istanbul bombing before he could escape in Bulgaria

On Tuesday, Turkish security arrested a Syrian man, who said his name was Ammar Jarkas, and described him as the mastermind of the bombing that killed 6 people and injured 81 others last Sunday afternoon on the Istiklal Street branch from Taksim square in the city center, according to i media local, quoting the authorities, with news in which he said he was trying to escape in Bulgaria, but that he was arrested before he could.

Among the information contained in the media Turks on Jarkas, posted above, there is a main photo of his arrest, posted by Al-Arabiya.netquoting the site web of the local newspaper Haberyum, which entered in Turkey a year ago, and who has is the important man for the organization, and his arrest occurred after monitoring a phone call centered on Qamishli, in which the speaker called for the killing of the bomb planter, Ahlam Al-Bashir, to bar the way for the investigators and hinder their access to him, but the police arrested her and then arrested 48 others, suspected of helping her.

Turkey’s efforts to arrest him are still lacking, and he is a person who has been referred to only as “Bilal”, and the government-friendly “Hurriyet” newspaper reported today that he entered with her 4 months ago from Syria in Turkey, and it was he who accompanied her and delivered the device she had been trained to detonate. An investigative team formed by the Directorate of Security discovered that he had placed her under a pot of plants in road before his escape, which Al chose today special news, attached to a video in which she appeared fleeing before the explosive device she had planted detonated.

Hurriyet added a new report, summarizing that Al-Bashir, 23, reached the end of Istiklal Street in a run, then took a taxi that took her to the Esenler area, but police, who followed her escape examining 1,200 public surveillance cameras, found that she had taken refuge in “Koguk-Chemha” area, so they arrested her in an apartment inside it and, upon questioning her, investigators learned that “Bilal” had conducted a reconnaissance operation with her over the course of 3 days on Istiklal Street, in an unlicensed taxi, and they always pretended to be a working man and his wife in a textile factory.

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