Artificial intelligence detonates a surprise in determining the fate of Corona patients!

German scientists have developed a new one test for Covid-19 patients, based on artificial intelligence and “machine learning “, in able to predict the evolution of the patient’s condition and the development that may lead to his death from Corona or not.

The system uses blood plasma proteins to predict a patient’s likely survival weeks before a result, according to a new one studio published this week in PLOS Digital magazine.

This occurs when healthcare systems around the world struggle to accommodate large numbers of COVID-19 patients in critical conditions that need special medical attention, especially if identified as high risk.

In the new studio, the researchers studied the levels of 321 proteins in the blood samples taken in 349 time points from 50 COVID-19 patients in critical conditions treated in two independent health centers in Germany and Austria. A machine learning approach was used to find correlations between measured proteins and patient survival, as seen by Al

Fifteen of the patients included in the studio died, with a median time from entry to death of 28 days.

For surviving patients, the median recovery time was 63 days.

When comparing the data of surviving patients with those who died, a large discrepancy appeared in the direction of the level of 14 proteins. From these results, the team developed a machine learning model to predict survival based on a single time point measurement of related proteins and tested the model on an independent validation group of 24 patients infected with the emerging coronavirus. The model showed high predictive power for this group and correctly predicted the outcome of 18 of 19 survivors and 5 of 5 deaths patients.

The researchers concluded that i test of blood proteins, if validated in larger groups may be useful in identifying patients with the highest risk of death, as well as in verifying whether a particular treatment alters a patient’s expected course.

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