As a result of the Houthi escalation, more than 116,000 people were displaced from Marib in 2021

A government report revealed that more than 116,000 people were displaced from different districts of Ma’rib Governorate in northeastern Yemen during the year 2021 due to the escalation of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia.

The Executive Unit for the Management of Marib Refugee Camps (government) said that the Houthi military escalation in the various districts of the governorate, in particular in the southern ones, caused the displacement of 19,602 families, equal to 115,422 people, in the last year, most of whom settled in refugee camps in the districts of Medina and Al Wadi.

The report states that the total number of displaced persons in Marib governorate from 2015 until the end of 2021 reached over 2.2 million, distributed in 195 governorate camps. It revealed great emergency needs to meet the needs of the displaced in various sectors.

In its report, the Executive Unit recommended the need to adopt Ma’rib as a financially and administratively independent humanitarian center with full powers and enjoyment of attention and activation.

He called on international and international organizations to fulfill their humanitarian responsibilities and to open offices in the governorate for non-existent organizations to strengthen their presence and raise the level of their humanitarian interventions.

It also called on the government to adopt an independent operating budget, mobilize efforts and work to provide a reserve stock for emergency response to cope with waves of displacement. in course and provide land for the construction of residential towns to house the most needy displaced people.

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