As a sign of recovery from Corona, international companies recorded positive results

The results of the Toyota Group, the largest manufacturer of auto in Japan showed today Wednesday that its profits in the first quarter ending June 2021 increased 460% to $ 8.2 billion.

Toyota warned of market uncertainty but kept its annual earnings forecast unchanged.

The increase in Toyota’s profits came despite the continuing difficult economic environment due to the lack of electronic chip supplies and the outbreak of the epidemic in emerging countries.

Honda returned to profitability after posting a quarterly profit of two billion dollars.

Honda increased its annual profit forecast of $ 735 million to $ 6.1 billion.

In the same context, Sony’s quarterly profit increased 9.4% and the company raised its annual profit forecast to $ 6.4 billion.

As for Sony, in 2020 it recorded the highest annual profit in its history, exceeding $ 10 billion.

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