As an alternative to Russian energy supplies, Germany is trying to conclude deals with two Arab countries

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Saturday that he will visit Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to explore the possibility of obtaining supplies of liquefied natural gas and concluding a deal related to hydrogen, in order to reduce the dependence of the his country from energy imports from Russia.

Russia is Germany’s largest gas supplier, according to data on the site web of the Ministry of Economy.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Habeck has launched several initiatives to reduce Germany’s dependence on Russia for energy, including large orders for non-Russian liquefied natural gas, plans to create an LNG import terminal, and no rush. to abandon coal.

“The goal is to establish a partnership in the field of hydrogen in the medium term and enter it in a political framework, “Habek said ahead of his tour.

The German minister will be accompanied by around twenty representatives of German companies, many of them from the energy sector.

The German minister also wants to discuss “short-term” LNG supplies and “giving to companies that guarantee gas supply.” in Germany’s political framework for becoming independent of Russian gas, which are issues in top of the political agenda despite their economic nature ”.

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