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AS .. Neymar puts in difficulty Paris Saint-Germain


London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Spanish and French press reports have revealed the latest developments in the future of Brazilian champion Neymar Jr with his club Paris Saint-Germain, after recent rumors that have placed it in top of the list of victims of the new sports adviser, Luis Campos, for technical reasons related to his low level, in addition to the economic variables snap. And the newspaper “AS” quoted “L’Equipe”, that the godfather of the new Parisian project Campos, wants to get rid of some players, and one of them is the Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr., for his exorbitant salary, which touches 50 million euros, including taxes, but the 30-year-old told those close to him that he had no intention of leaving the “Garden of Princes”, dealing a severe blow to the plans of the club, especially after the European Union asked for explanations on the economic balance. The Madrid newspaper said the League 1 giant’s losses are estimated in about 224 million euros, which will ensure that what he called the “Qatari Club” begins to reduce his golden rose, amid accusations and accusations made by the president of the League, Javier Tebas, that the salaries of the “PSG” are close to 600 million euros, apart from the new increase in Kylian Mbappe’s new salary and other details, have prompted Campos to think seriously about getting rid of Neymar. In conclusion, the report stated that the former Barcelona star, in his latest press interview, had stated that he “has no intention of leaving club”, for via of his feeling of well-being and stability within the team, in addition to his personal happiness to play alongside his friend Lionel Messi, which portends a possible clash between the new sporting director and the player’s environment, if the club was forced to make bold decisions after the latest UEFA investigation. THE media in France agree that the Portuguese coach has come to Princes Park to restore calm and balance in the locker room, after the relationship between the former sporting director Leonardo and some greats starespecially in his last season, as well as as his main task, is to put the cornerstone of the contractual project, which aims to break the knot of the Champions League in the near future, and this will come at the expense of some precious assets, such as Neymar and old Madrid warrior Sergio Ramos and other names chased by rumors of their fate next season.


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