As Ronaldo commented when he beat the record of national team scorers?

LONDON: Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed his dissatisfaction with the number of his goals in national team, although he has positioned himself as the player who has scored the most goals internationally, having scored two goals against the Irish national team. Ronaldo, 36, led the Portuguese national team to turn their backs on the Irish national team on Wednesday, to acknowledge his potential, especially as he prepares to wear Manchester United for the first time. in 12 years. Ronaldo scored two goals to lead his country to a 2-1 victory over Ireland, overtaking former Iranian striker Ali Daei, who scored 109 international goals, while Ronaldo equaled his number in the Euro 2020 European Championship. , however, Ronaldo confirmed that he is not in the mood to allow the defenders to have a rest. Ronaldo wrote on his Instagram account, saying, “Of all the numbers I’ve broken during my career – and luckily for me there have been a few – this number is special to me and it’s definitely on the milestone shelf which makes me a lot. proud .” He added: “In the beginning, because every time I represent my country it is a special moment, because I know that I am defending Portugal and showing the world the kind of people. in Portugal “. And he added:” Secondly, because national competitions have always had a big impact on me when I was older. I watch the players, who I consider my idol, play for their country every summer at the European Championships. and at the World Cup “. “But in the end, and above all, my 111 goals for Portugal mean 111 moments like the one we have experienced in Algarve, moments of global unity and happiness for millions of Portuguese in Worldwide. Every sacrifice is worth for them ”. And he added: “Thank you Portugal. Thanks to all my colleagues and competitors for making this trip unforgettable. We continue to meet on the ground for the next few years! I haven’t closed the score yet. ”The Irish team were within a minute of victory thanks to John Egan’s header, from which he scored the first goal at halftime, but Ronaldo scored the equalizer, and in one moment in where everyone was waiting for the game to end in a draw, Ronaldo scored the winning goal in the sixth minute of injury time for the match. “I thought we were very close to a historic win,” said Ireland manager Stephen Kenny. The players were exceptional and in the first half I felt that we had controlled a good part of the game. “He added:” Our progress in the first half did not deceive us. The second half was difficult. They are a great team who play better in the game. second half We were champions in defense and we had a chance to advance 2-0. “” But we weren’t in able to achieve this, “he said. Then lose in this way is frustrating ”. (Dpa)

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