As Source 2 Rumours Continue, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has Reached More Than 1.4 Million Concurrent Players

As speculations of the Source 2 update continue to circulate throughout its community, CS: GO has once more broken its previous record of 1,320,219 concurrent gamers. If the claims are true, the current record of 1,420,183 concurrent players will likely increase.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive_

NVIDIA driver updates from early March contained references to “CSGOS2,” indicating that Valve would implement the change soon. Since then, there have been numerous rumors, with eSports journalist and commentator Richard Lewis saying an upgrade is on the way.

The player base for CS: GO has always been loyal, and the game’s popularity has only increased. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and people staying at home, concurrent gamers peaked in 2020 at about 1,300,000. Yet, the current rumors have increased curiosity about the game.

Although the release date of the upgrade is unknown, recent blog activity may indicate that it may happen shortly.

Counter-Strike Global Offensi ve_

There is no comparison between CS: GO’s numbers and those of other games on Steam. With 750,000 active players at the time of writing, DOTA 2 is now in second place, trailing CS: GO by nearly 50%. Compared to PUBG: Battlegrounds, other games have experienced higher peak player counts (3,257,248 for PUBG), but nothing has appeared to come close to CS: GO’s stability.

It is unclear when the figure will stop rising, but there is still a lot left to give for the title that has been held for almost a decade.

When the allegedly source two upgrades to the game are finally released, will you try CS: GO?