Ashanti brings warmth this winter by showing off its killer abs in new photos – but some fans are still crazy for that reason

Ashanti continues to look more gorgeous than ever while the R&B singer recently featured her on Instagram to share her latest fabulous selfies.

This time, the 39-year-old star flaunted her curvy figure and killer abs in a series of photographs, where she wears a cream crop top and matching pants.

One fan said, “Stomach on the ground, you feel me bayyybeeee ???????????????? Look at your beautiful appearance, baby fire, my darling”. “

This contributor said he was fed up with great photos and wanted new music: “Show again, I see. Breath babes breath ???????? Sxy Fave stop posing in these studios and drop an album please ???? @ ashanti.

This disciple affirmed: “Sis has been well half of my life. Serious business. The creator made you a special beauty and blessings to your parents for the tribal name.

Recently, the diva was seen in a dress with snakeskin patterns in green, red and orange, which had such a short line above her knees and revealed Ashanti’s toned legs.

The musical diva combined the sexy outfit with a fiery red boot on the right foot which reached just below the knee line.

Ashanti’s left foot was hidden behind the right, and the music star was wearing another black boot over it, as she recently had medical surgery, and her leg was still recovering.

The singer’s looks were developed with a beret in the same color palette as the dress. For the accessories, Ashanti chose retro oval sunglasses and a fur coat that hung over her shoulders.

Ashanti’s black curls were dropped freely for the occasion, and although the sunglasses hid his eyes, the spotlight fell on his lips, which were in bright red.

From the photos, it appeared that the interpreter of “Rain on Me” was staying in a hotel in Time Square, in New York, because she also added the geographical position to her post.

After the R&B diva published her first photo in sexy attire, the photo quickly garnered thousands of likes in a matter of hours.


Following the success of her first post, the singer delighted her fans with more photos of her in the same outfit, but without the fur coat.

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