Ashraf Ghani with a new statement: I apologize for the situation in Afghanistan

In a new statement after leaving Afghanistan, the former president apologized Ashraf Ghana To the people, expressing their regret for the state of affairs in the country.

Ghani stated in a statement today, Wednesday: “It is with great regret that I closed my page with a tragedy similar to that of my predecessors, without being able to guarantee stability and prosperity in Afghanistan. I apologize to the Afghan people for my failure to end the things differently. “

Interestingly, after the Taliban movement took control of most of Afghanistan in mid-August and entered the capital, it left rich country and headed to the Emirates.

“Straight blood”

In his first statement on August 15, Ghani revealed, in a message on Facebook that the Taliban were ready to attack Kabul in a bloody way, emphasizing that they had imposed their authority by force of arms. He said he left Afghanistan “to save blood”.

He also added in a speech addressed to the Afghan people of the United Arab Emirates, who confirmed their acceptance for “humanitarian considerations”, that “the allegations that I took money with me before leaving the country are absolutely groundless and are all lies”.

Escaped via with his clothes

A Ghani adviser revealed on CNN in August that Ghani fled with only the clothes he was wearing and no money.

He added: “He went to Termez in Uzbekistan, where he spent one night, then went to the Emirates and had no money … Literally, he just ran away with his clothes. “

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