Aston Villa announces the insertion in loan of the “wobbly” player of Barcelona

London: The club Aston Villa’s Englishman announced today, Friday, that they have reached an agreement to include Philippe Coutinho of Barcelona, on loan until the end of the season in the course.

The contract includes a clause that allows Aston Villa to buy the Brazilian international, who is now expected to travel to Birmingham to complete the loan agreement procedures, according to British news agency BA Media.

Coutinho will play under the guidance of Steven Gerrard, Aston Villa manager, knowing they have already played alongside Liverpool.

Aston Villa stated that “the deal, which depends on the completion of the medical examinations by the player and the receipt of the work permit, also includes a clause for the purchase of the player and Felipe will travel to Birmingham within the next few years. 48 hours “.

Barcelona has announced that Aston Villa will pay part of Coutinho’s salary by returning again to English Premier League after a four-year absence from the competition.

Coutinho joined Barcelona from Liverpool in 2018 but suffered at Camp Nou and spent the 2019-2020 season on loan to Bayern Munich, with whom he crowned the Champions League.

Although he was crowned with Barcelona with the Spanish League title in 2018-2019, the player has never shown the same levels he presented in the English Premier League with Liverpool.

And Coutinho became Aston Villa’s first contract since Gerrard was named team manager by the Glasgow Rangers last November.

“He has won the league twice with Barcelona and twice the Spanish Cup,” said Gerrard.

He added that looking at the record and the player’s career: “You will find that he wins wherever he goes . I don’t think you can get the title of magician unless you are a distinguished player football”.


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