Astonishing Recreation: A Fan’s 7-Year Journey to Reproduce Hogwarts School in Minecraft

A good year for fans from Harry Potter

THE fans from the Harry Potter universe were served this year! It must be said that Warner Bros. and Avalanche Software set the bar high in early 2023 with the launch of Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy, a Harry Potter game that lets us discover Hogwarts school from every angle.

Despite everything, some are not satisfied and always ask for more. If you too are in this case, know that you are in the right place: a fan has indeed given himself the challenge of completely reproducing Hogwarts school in Minecraft, and what theon can say is that the result is fabulous. We believe it!

7 years, a castle!

Seven years were needed to implement place this little wonder in Minecraft! Indeed, ducky_67 has just shared his recreation of Hogwarts castle in Microsoft’s game, and he left nothing to chance.

As you can see by looking at the images above or the project trailer (available here), everything has been reproduced to the letter. There is of course the Common Room with these candles floating in the air, these long corridors, and even the Grand Staircase which seems simply infinite. Also note that the boathouse has not been forgotten, as has the Quidditch pitch.

But if the result is already impressive, know that for ducky_67 considers that he has not yet arrived at the end of son project. To be exact, he thinks three more years are needed to complete this masterpiece he started building in 2016.

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