“Astra Tech” for Arabic: We are working on converting “Botem” in “Ultra App”

UAE-based Astra Tech Group has acquired voice chat application BOTIM, bringing it closer to building an all-services application.

Astra Tech did not disclose the value of the acquisition, but did indicate that the app has 90 million users and 25 million monthly active users.

BOTIM provides money transfer services within the UAE, mobile top-up, as well as bill payment locally and internationally.

Abdullah Abu Al-Sheikh, founder of Astra Tech, said in an interview with Al-Arabiya that the group has raised about $600 million from various investors in Abu Dhabi as well as from sovereign wealth funds and other investment parties.

He pointed out that BOTIM is an essential part of the technology economy in the UAE and the Gulf, and is now the largest communications company made in home used by over 90 million users in more than 100 regions, making it the largest in in terms of number of users in the region and the first platform of social networking locally.

He added that the main function of the application is now communication, both for voice and video calls, and the company will start adding in sequence many services to improve the user experience.

He said: “There has to be global competition and all media in all over the world are available for free, so we will in so that our service is free and we will gradually raise the cap to provide each user with access to the largest number of services such as financial, commercial and others”.

He continued, “We aim to achieve the concept of (Ultra App), which goes beyond the concept of (Super App) by making the application not only a means of communication between people, but rather a financial instrument and a purchasing tool that can be used in all areas of daily life”, indicating that the services of other platforms will be integrated. that they have been acquired, and that the details of the services to be provided by the application will be announced soon.

He added, “What distinguishes the application is its ease of use and its availability for the largest number of users in the local market and the Middle East and North Africa region.”

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