Astronomical research: The Chinese rocket is flying over Egypt at this time

Astronomical research has shown that die stray Chinese missile flies over Egypt at 10:30 p.m. local time on Friday.

Dr. Makram Ibrahim, professor of space science, head of the solar and space research department at the National Institute of Astronomical and Geophysical Research, said that the passage of the Chinese rocket across the skies of Egypt takes no more than two minutes each time, but it is expected that tonight it’s Friday again over Egypt at 10am: 33pm to 10.40pm that is for 7 minutes but it won’t be easy to see.

Amid the international anticipation of the fall of the Chinese missile, die Fired six days ago, Beijing has reduced the damage that can be caused by the fall, stressing that die most of its parts will burn in the sky.

The US Department of Defense expected most of its wreckage to fall to the ground tomorrow morning on Saturday, indicating that the place where die Debris will fall, can be determined just hours before it falls, and may pose a potential threat die Space flight safety. And space field.

And Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced that the Pentagon has no plans to destroy a Chinese space rocket, die expected in the next two days in die Earth’s atmosphere will invade and fall to a place that may be inhabited.

Austin also directed a veiled criticism of Beijing for it die control over die Missile had lost.

In return, China decreased die concern about die Consequences of the rubble from March 5th.

Dr. Rasha Ghoneim, Assistant Professor of Space Dynamics and Head of Space Research at the Egyptian Astronomy Institute, previously said that die Chinese Long March 5B (CZ-5B) missile flies regularly through Egypt and declares that it is around die whole world turns in an hour and a half about 89 exactly.

Ghoneim stated, according to reports on the Youm7 website, that die Missile flew through Egypt twice and would pass a third time at night, but it was still far away.

She pointed out that die There is a possibility that it will be on the evening of May 8th in die Atmosphere but the date and place of its fall are not yet known, adding: “We cannot predict anything about it, except after it has occurred in die The atmosphere.”

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