Astroworld tragedy: Police say security guard may have been injected with ‘prick’ in the neck as 8 die to

At least one the security guard may have been drugged during the stampede out at the Astroworld Music Festival, starting 8 people dead and dozens of injured, police said. Investigations into the accident are in course.

In a press conference on Saturday, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner suggested Friday night events we’re even more chaotic than initially thought, with police official saying at least one the security guard reported to be “pointed” in the neck with something, maybe a needle while trying to hold another person at the Travis Scott concert.

The security guard has passed out after hearing the stab in his neck and doctor personnel in later he used Narcan to revive him, which he is typically used for help in overdose and reverse the effects of fentanyl poisoning.

“They gave Narcan and he was resuscitated and the medical staff noticed a sting similar to a sting that you would get if someone tried to inject themselves.” Finner said. there could also to be others who were injected, him She said.

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8 dead in stampede at the Astroworld Music Festival in Houston

The police chief said the investigation remains in course. about 25 people were arrested, the majority of they for trespassing. One person was arrested over have marijuana on them, and another got caught over public intoxication. Police said they would look into the night’s actual footage from Live Nation. There were over 1000 people ensuring security at the festival among police officers e private safety.

Lot people who died in chaos, a little of who was captured in shocking videos and images on Friday night, we were between the ages of 14 and 27, police revealed. Of the eight, two were minors. about 300 people have been treated for injuries from the Travis Scott concert.

Houston Assistant Chief of Police Lt. Larry Satterwhite reported that the tragedy has unfolded. “over the course of a few minutes “, and that several people seemed to have suffered at the same time “Some kind of cardiac arrest or some kind of medical episode “.

Fallout from the concert has caused great indignation, with critics pointing more and more rapper Scott and the concert organizers at least in part responsible for the huge crowd and the concert that goes on while people they were injured – even though Scott eventually finished his set.

A video spread quickly on social media on Saturday, showing a woman at the concert explaining to a camera operator that the show it must be stopped as someone is “dead. “ The camera the operator seems to ignore the woman as she continues to record the show.

Scott made a statement on Saturday in response to the deaths and numerous injuries of the concert, claiming to be “Devastated” from what happened.

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