At gunpoint. Taliban implement decision to ban college education for girls

The Afghan government, led by the Taliban, has banned girls from attending universities in the whole country and enforced it at gunpoint in some places, ignoring international condemnation and dealing another blow to the rights of half its population.

“In accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, you all have instructions to implement immediately tale decision, to halt girls’ education until further notice,” said Nada Nadeem, the Taliban government’s minister of higher education, in a statement Tuesday, according to “Bloomberg” today.

The militants lost little time to ensure compliance with the decree, a student of Cardan University in Kabul said in a phone call that students could come in and that they pointed guns at us and demanded that we return to our homes. feared.”

Anthony Blinken, US Secretary of State, announced his country’s dissatisfaction with the Taliban’s declaration to deprive girls of the right to university education, and added in a tweet: “Afghan women deserve and Afghanistan deserves better. I have undoubtedly suffered a setback in the Taliban’s efforts to accept the international community.”

And the Taliban has banned college education for girls until further notice, which means that girls and women can only receive primary education and secondary education for girls has been banned since the Taliban took over power in August 2021 and the Taliban ordered universities to implement the ban on women’s education until further notice yesterday, Tuesday. .