At least 7 people were killed in flash floods in the United Arab Emirates

At least 7 people were killed due to torrential rains that hit several regions of the UAE in recent days, while the authorities continue the rescue operations, the Interior Ministry announced today Friday. of Asian nationalities were found dead due to the floods, “noting that research is still on in course also for an Asian person.

Shortly thereafter, the Interior Ministry announced that the missing person had been found, “and died”.

According to Al-Taniji, 80% of the people whose homes were damaged by the floods “have returned to their homes”, adding that “most of the streets affected by the floods have been reopened”.

The emirates of Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah have witnessed a large amount of unprecedented heavy rain since Wednesday in this time of year.

More than 870 people were rescued Thursday in the Sharjah and Fujairah Emirates, according to the National Crisis and Disaster Management Authority.