At least one dead, Port of Vancouver closed in Floods Canada | Floods News

Heavy rain has led to evacuations in British Columbia and caused power malfunctions in the US state of Washington.

At least one person is killed like torrential rain triggered landslides and floods in western Canada, forcing the shutdown of the busiest port in the country in Vancouver.

Canadian Federal Police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), confirmed on Tuesday at least one woman died after mudslides blocked a major highway in the province of British Columbia. The flood has also several highways closed in and around greater Vancouver area, an important coastal town city that is home up to almost 2.5 million people.

CBC, Canada public broadcaster, quoted RCMP official Janelle Shoihet says authorities have received reports of two more people missing.

Port authorities announced on On Tuesday they suspended the rail lines of Canada’s two largest rail companies – Canadian Pacific Rail and Canadian National Railway – because of the floods.

“All train services die getting to and from the port of Vancouver has been discontinued because of flood in the interior of British Columbia,” said port spokesman Matti Polychronis.

Port of Vancouver moves 550 million Canadian dollar ($440 million) worth of freight every day, including grain, coal, autos and essential goods.

The storms have temporarily stopped a lot of the movement of wheat and canola from Canada, one of the worldthe largest grain producers. It’s not clear how long will it be for the track access to the harbor is restored.

almost 300 people caught by mudslides were rescued by helicopters in British Columbia late on Monday.

“Caught between two slides are about 275 extra people, including 50 children, who were advised to hide in place at night because the debris was unstable and unsafe to over to stab’, said the City of Vancouver and Canada Task Force 1 said: in a joint statement.

earlier on Monday, authorities in Merritt, some 200 km (124 miles) to the northeast of Vancouver, ordered all 7,100 burgers to leave afterwards rising cutting waters off bridges and forced the wastewater treatment plant to close.

the cities of Chilliwack and Abbotsford, East of Vancouver, also ordered partial evacuations on Tuesday.

Some areas received 200 mm (8 in) of to rain on Sunday – the amount they usually see in a month – and the flood continued on Monday, with roads covered met mud of up up to 250 mm (10 in) of water.

In the United States, thousands have experienced power failure because of the heavy rain in Washington State, just south of British Columbia. Nearly 50,000 customers stayed over with new power on Tuesday; no less than 158,000 customers lost power informed of the storm on Monday in the state.

A person in the small village of everson, north of Seattle, has disappeared after it was swept away by flooding.

British Columbia and the US Northwest have often experienced extremes weather events die blame experts in part on global pre workout. The region saw big forest fires and record temperatures over the summer in a heatwave die killed hundreds of people.

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