At the “Sole” Academy it is forbidden to pay children under 15!

Tunisia – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: It is the right of every professional player who receives large sums of money from his professionalism to invest part of this money to secure the future, as the player’s life in stadiums is short, no matter how long, and it is the duty of the players to help the younger generations through their experiences and skills in so that their countries have a chance By continuing to present more stars and distinguished players, some of whom combine the two ideas together by creating academies and football training centers and discovering young talent, including the star of the South Korean national team and Tottenham Hotspur , Son Heung-min, who founded a distinguished academy in his home country. With an estimated cost of 11 million pounds, equivalent to his salary with hers club Londoner for a full year, Sun founded the academy that bears his name in Chuncheon, 100 kilometers northeast of the Korean capital, Seoul, and named his father, Sun Wongjang, in quality of supervisor, and the father tells of his popular son The Overwhelming in South Korea as well as North London: “I am very proud of his brilliance in the English Premier League with Tottenham and to have been crowned last season’s top scorer, on a par with Mohamed Salah, as well as his brilliance with the national team. Continuity and development at his level and to help the new generation of his compatriots, and this is the goal of founding his academy “. Whenever he visits Korea, Son wishes to return to his academy and work with his brother Heung-min (who in previously played in Germany and three years older than his brother) to train hundreds of young players affiliated with the Academy, which has become the most famous in Korea is perhaps the best of its counterparts in Asia for via of his design and its distinctive equipment and its many playgrounds. More importantly, his pioneering ideas stemming from the mentality of Son, his brother and father, is after all a family business for a football family. Distinct ideas and his father favored him from the start.He wanted to work closely with his coaches and insisted that he play and score with both feet, not relying on just his right foot, so it’s no surprise to know that Son is the player. more foot in Premier League history. Last season, in who shared the Golden Boot with Salah, scored more goals with his “weaker” foot than with his favorite foot, scoring 12 goals with the left versus 11 with just the forehand! This is one of the distinctive principles and ideas that the Sun Academy wishes to teach its members. Another principle that the 60-year-old father is eager to implement. in academy is that it is forbidden to pull in door from outside area before reaching fifteen, after the player has learned all the necessary basics and required skills and learns how to reach the goal and penetrate the defenses. Another principle in the interest of the members is to prevent them from joining any club before turning sixteen. This means that the entire training of the player must take place within the walls of the academy before the player is allowed to engage in the difficult real world of football. This is what has been achieved so far for thirty-five academy players who have signed up for club Germans or Koreans of various degrees!