“Atheeb Telecom”: the accumulated losses fell to 12% of the capital

Etihad Atheeb Communications Company, “GO” Saudi Arabia, announced that its accumulated losses have decreased to 12.13% stake.

The company stated in a statement posted on the site web Saudi “Tadawul Group”, that its accumulated losses have decreased to 10.9 million riyals, or 12.13% of its capital, as of 01/23-2022.

He explained that the main reason for the decrease in the company’s losses is due to the reduction of the capital to 89.9 million riyals, where 60.62% of the accumulated losses, an amount of 138.6 million riyals, was written off. the value of the shares canceled, as approved by the thirteenth extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in date 23.01-2022 AD

The company stated that there is no effect of the reduction in the company’s capital on its financial obligations.

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