Atletico strengthens European hopes and establishes the Madrid derby with Carrasco’s goal in the Spanish league

Madrid: Atlético Madrid have strengthened their hopes of being in the top four of the La Liga standings, after securing a valuable 1-0 win over their historic rival and host Real Madrid today, Sunday, in top of the 35th stage matches of the local competition. Atlético de Madrid, who have won their second win in their last five games of the competition, climbed 64 points to fourth, 6 points clear of fifth-placed Real Betis, before the two teams played their last three games of the championship in this season. On the other hand, the balance of the riyal, which officially won the championship in this season in the last stage, he stopped 81 points ahead, knowing that this is the fourth defeat the team has suffered in the competition during the current season. Yannick Carrasco took the championship role in the match, after scoring Atletico’s only goal in the 40th minute from a penalty kick, to lead the team of Argentine manager Diego Simeone to their first victory over the royal team in the Spanish league since February 2016. With this victory, Atletico ended Real Madrid’s unbeaten run in the Spanish capital’s derby in the Spanish league, continued in the last 11 matches of the tournament, where the whites achieved 4 wins against 7 draws. Atlético’s latest victory over Real Madrid in various competitions dates back to 15 August 2018, when he defeated the Royal Club 4/2 after resorting to extra time in the European Super Cup. The match began with an attack from Atlético, who threatened Real’s goal in the second minute with a powerful shot from Geoffrey Kondogbia from outside area which has passed well over the crossbar. Atletico missed a goal in the fourth minute after a dangerous shot by Angel Correa from the left of thearea Real Madrid penalty, passed near the right post of goalkeeper Andrei Lunin. Yannick Carrasco shoots from the right of thearea penalty in the seventh minute, but the ball hits Eder Militao’s foot and turns in corner that leads nowhere. Carrasco led an Atlético attack in the 9th minute, penetrating thearea Real Madrid penalty from the left before firing a shot that passed along the right post of Andrei Lunin’s goal. Over time, Real Madrid players absorbed the enthusiasm of the hosts as Korea fell in area at 23 ‘, to ask the Atletico players to get a penalty, but the referee indicated to continue playing and only a minute passed, until Korea continued a cross pass from the left, but the ball passes in front. Atlético players again called for a penalty kick in the 36th minute, after Mateos Konya fell inside thearea, then the referee of the match returned to video technology (VAR), which proved the Atlético player’s suitability to receive a penalty, due to a handicap of Jesus Vallejo against the Brazilian. Yannick Carrasco successfully executed the kick, after hitting the ball in the left corner of the goal, which goalkeeper Andrei Lunin did not expect correctly, scoring a goal for Atletico in the 40th minute. Real try to equalize quickly and at 45 ‘Toni Kroos fires a sensational shot from outside area, which passes close to the right post. Real lost a certain opportunity to score the equalizer in the second minute of the first half with Luka Jovic, who took advantage of a fatal defensive error by Atletico players, pointed out for the goal, but threw recklessly, to be countered by the Slovenian Jan Oblak, Atletico’s goalkeeper brilliant The first half ended with Atlético in 1-0 lead over Real Madrid. The second half opens with an attack from Real, and in the 50th minute Marco Asensio hits a long-range shot area running away from the left post, while Jovic headed a corner kick from Toni Kroos in the 56th minute, but went weak in Oblak’s hands. . Atletico’s first threat against Real Madrid in this time came in the 57th minute with Antoine Griezmann, who launched a missile just over the crossbar, so much so that Real responded with a shot by Casemiro from the borders of the region in the 60th minute, which had Oblak alert. From Atlético’s counterattack, Carrasco shoots from the edge ofarea in the 61st minute and misses the goal, after which Matthews Konya missed a certain chance in the 63rd minute by just complete goal, but shot without focus to counter the ball brilliantly and saves his goal from a certain goal. Oblak prevented Atletico from receiving the equalizer, after blocking a dangerous shot by Federico Valverde in the 70th minute, turning the ball in angle that did not produce anything new, while Griezmann pulled from inside thearea at 74 ‘, passing close to the goal. Griezmann wasted another chance for Atletico in the 76th minute, after a shot from insidearea, passed along the right post, to stop the right post, preventing Atletico from scoring the second goal, after blocking a Carrasco shot in the 78th minute. Valverde nearly equalized for Real in the 85th minute, when he shoots from outside areaalmost deceiving Oblak, who sends via the ball in corner not exploited, so much so that Real then gets a direct free-kick from Marco Asensio in the 87th minute, Oblak kept an eye on him. Real Madrid continued their offensive attempts in search of a draw, but without success, and the match ended with Atlético’s victory. (Dpa)