AT&T top earnings estimate as telephone customers rush in back

AT&T top earnings estimate as telephone customers rush in back

AT&T held a panel to talk about 5G earlier this month.


AT&T is getting his wireless momentum back. The company boasted the strongest second quarter in 10 years in the key growth area of post-paid subscribers – or customers with higher credit scores who you pay in the end of the month – e also saw growth in its streaming service HBO and HBO Max.

The company spent the last a few months returning its attention to its core wireless business and its launch of 5G. He agreed to spin off its Warner Media business – which includes HBO, CNN and Warner Bros. studio – in a deal with Discovery that it should close next year.

It is not the only vector to scale back his media ambitions. Verizon sold its Yahoo, AOL and media property to Apollo Investment Group and T-Mobile sank its TVision streaming service later just five months. Many, on the other hand, are leaning on their traditional business through aggressive promotions.

This helped AT&T in the first quarter, and the growth keep it going in the period that ends in June. is added 789,000 net post- pay phone and 1.16 million total postpaid customers, while its turnover rate of 0.69% was the lowest ever. In comparison, Verizon added 275,000 postpaid telephony customers and 528,000 total postpaid customers in the same period.

AT&T also hit his goal of covering 250 million people with its 5G. nationwide network six months ahead of schedule.

The company added 2.8 million HBO and HBO Max customers and raised his estimate for total customers from year end of 70 million to 73 million.

In total, AT&T posted net income of $ 1.51 billion, or 21 cents a share, and revenue of 44.04 billion dollars. His adjusted earnings for share, which excludes one-time items, was 89 cents. Analysts expected earnings of 79 cents share and $ 42.64 billion in come in, second Yahoo Finance.

AT&T shares it slipped 0.1% to $ 27.87 in recent trading.

To update: Added total post-paying numbers.

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