Attack in Norway, ‘sharp object’, no arrows, 5 dead, police say

OSLO — The Attacker who went on a frenzy in a town in Norway killed its five victims using a “sharp object”, not a bow and arrow as widely reported, the Norwegian police announced on Monday.

Espen Andersen Brathen, who known to the crime, shot arrows at people from a hunting bow during part of to be attack last Wednesday in the city of Kongsberg, die also at least three injured people.

At a given moment in the frenzy, the police said to a news conference Monday, he drew the arc. The fatal The blows would now have been given by a of more stabbing weapons, die the police have not identified. four women and one man was murdered in the attack about 50 miles southwest of Oslo.

But it was the rarity of the other weapon used in the attack that caught the world’s attention, and if the hunting bow didn’t… cause any dead, it was responsible for at least one injury, Which of An off-duty policeman who was hit by an arrow.

An eyewitness, Rebecca Uttgard, 17, said she… in the town square Wednesday evening in near a shop owned by her mother and visited by two of the people killed when she heard warning shots fired by police officers die arrived on site.

“I saw the arrows strewn” on the ground,” said Mrs. Uttgard. “I didn’t think, I just walked.”

Friends and relatives of the victims said it was a machete also used in the attack.

At the news conference, the police also went in on the shifting concept of what brought the attack.

The police had previously contacted met Mr Brathen, a 37-year-former Danish citizen and Muslim convert, over concern that he had been radicalized, and the Norwegian Security Service, known as PST, said: soon after the attack that it looked like aact of terrorism.”

But on Monday, Per Thomas Omholt, the chef of Police in the Sor-Ost precinct, said: of the motivation for the crime that “the initial hypothesis over conversion to Islam is weakened.”

“He Said He Repented” in public, but he did not live up to this in practice’ said Mr Omholt.

As part of the ongoing investigation has formally 60 . interrogated people.

“We are investigating the background and motives of the accused in map, question witnesses, maintain contact with the next of family and victims, collect and analyze CCTV footage, conduct forensics and examine electronic evidence,” Omholt said Monday.

The attack rattled the quiet town of Kongsberg, where violent crime is rare and the victims were apparently chosen on random.

“It’s hard to swallow,” says Sturla Erstein, 55, a resident of Kongsberg of 30 years. “I knew both the killer and… one of the women who is killed.”

Mr Erstein said he had been particularly close with the victim, a ceramist who sold him a cup around the corner of the memorial where he now places flowers. “L use Which cup every day,” he said.

The attack on Wednesday led to discussions in all of Norway over how To hang out with mentally unstable people who may pose a threat to others.

“It’s the million-dollar ask,” said Arne Christian Haugstoyl, the… head of The Norwegian counter-terrorist unit at the Police Security Service. “I think there will be an important debate” in Norway over what can we do? people who be seriously mentally ill.”

He said attacks were carried out out by singles of just a few people, and planned and executed in a short period of time, be one of the biggest security threats in Norway.

“This is not just An problem in Norway,” said Mr Haugstoyl. “All security services all over the world even the largest, struggle to stop this type of attack, because there are few preparations, not much communication and little information for a security organization to monitor.”

Norway new prime minister, Jonas Gahr shop, who visited Kongsberg last week, said “modern societies are vulnerable” to such attacks.

“And in some ways we just must live with vulnerability,” said Mr Store in an interview with The New York Times. “Vulnerability comes from people fall out of community, and this is a phenomenon that we really need to study and deal with.”

“We must accept that you can not find” one reaction via An government decision that will eliminate the vulnerability,” he said.

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