Attack on Jerusalem and assault on Jenin before an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council

The bombing of Jerusalem in which several Israelis were killed and wounded, he put in overshadowed much of the emergency session held by the Security Council in New York, at the request of the UAE, France and China. Consider the repercussions of the assault by Israeli forces on the Jenin camp, where 10 Palestinians were killed.

It was not immediately clear whether Security Council members would take a unanimous position on developments, or if they would be content to express concern and call for restraint and de-escalation.

The United States was quick to denounce what it called a “clear terrorist attack on a Jerusalem synagogue.” “US officials are in contact with their Israeli counterparts,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Vedant Patel said, adding that he expects no changes in Secretary Anthony Blinken’s upcoming visit. in Israel next week.

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