Attackers kill Indian politicians from the ruling party in cashmere

The Indian police said on Thursday that unknown persons had opened fire on a politician from the country’s ruling party and killed him in controversial Kashmir.

The police blamed rebels die in the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir for decades die fighting indian rule. In the past year, suspected militants carried out a series of deadly attacks on BJP members in Cashmere.

Attackers kill Indian politicians from the ruling party in cashmere

The police said die Attackers had Rakesh Pandita late Wednesday evening in shot down the southern town of Trall where he was visiting a friend. He was in pronounced dead in a hospital.

Pandita got herself in the capital Srinagar in The region secured accommodation, was guarded by two police officers, but went to Tral without his guards.

Manoj Sinha, the chief administrative officer of New Delhi in Kashmir and BJP leaders condemned the attack. “The terrorists will never succeed in their hideous plans, and will die Those responsible for such heinous acts will be brought to justice, “Sinha said in a tweet.

No rebel group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Last year a prominent BJP politician along with his father and brother, die were also BJP members, murdered.

Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan and both claim it completely. Most Muslim Kashmiris support the insurgents’ goal of die Unite region under either Pakistani rule or as an independent state.

India says Pakistan is sponsoring die Militants, but Islamabad denies die Accusations. Tens of thousands of civilians, rebels and government forces were there in killed in the conflict since 1989.

In 2019, Modi’s Hindu Nationalist Party supported constitutional amendments, die cashmere die Deprived of semi-autonomy, and die Creation of a state that gave its residents special rights to land and jobs. The region was too in divided into two federally governed regions. Many Kashmiris and critics have compared India’s changes to the beginning of settler colonialism.

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