Attacks in southern Lebanon UNIFIL “will prosecute the manipulators”

Last year ended in southern Lebanon with an attack on international forces (UNIFIL) in the city of Shaqra, and the new year opened with a similar attack on Tuesday night in the city of Bint Jbeil, where a dispute between soldiers from the Irish Battalion and a number of residents in a residential neighborhood.

Less than two weeks separated these two attacks, after a similar attack on the Finnish battalion on December 22, the day after the visit of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. in Lebanon and its “remarkable” positions on Hezbollah, and the need to implement international resolutions, where it stressed the importance of the party’s transformation in an unarmed political party, like other Lebanese parties.

Accident orchestrated ?!

In its statements on the two incidents, UNIFIL alluded to UNIFIL’s suspicions that the incident was premeditated and not accidental, while condemning it by including in the second statement the phrase “actors manipulating the residents of thearea to serve their purposes. “

While informed military sources indicated that “the Lebanese army strengthened its presence with UNIFIL forces during patrols in the wake of these two attacks, UNIFIL Information Office Deputy Director Candice Ardel said in statements to “The forces of pace stationed in southern Lebanon will continue to build trust with the local population, but will pursue any “manipulation” or dissemination of misleading information about what is happening. ” pace exceed the limits of their missions and move between the southern regions without the company of the Lebanese army).

He further indicated: “It will continue to ask the Lebanese government to investigate attacks on the forces of pace and on the restrictions on their movements and to prosecute those responsible for these crimes “.

Attacking UNIFIL is a crime

In addition, he added: “Let’s be clear, attack the forces of pace while they are doing their job in public is not a political message but a crime “.

And he was keen to emphasize that “UN forces” will continue what they always do. It will work with its strategic partners, the Lebanese Armed Forces, to maintain security and stability in thearea operations and along the Blue Line. Patrols and other necessary activities will continue in based on the mandate that it was asked to implement by the Lebanese government and the international community “.

He also made it clear that the United Nations will continue to do whatever it is in their power to create the conditions for one pace lasting in southern Lebanon.

Since summer 2006

Interestingly, UN forces have been in the south since the summer of 2006 following the end of the war between Israel and Hezbollah, on the basis of Security Council Resolution 1701, which stipulates the “cessation of hostilities”.

Forces perform a number of tasks in their own area of operations between the Litani River in the north and the Blue Line (the Israeli army withdrawal line) in the south.

These operations include day and night patrols, creation of observation points, monitoring of the Blue Line and removal of unexploded ordnance and cluster bombs.

It is noteworthy that the escalation against Unifil forces, according to observers, in the Hezbollah-affiliated cities of Shaqra and Bint Jbeil, took place in concomitance with a political escalation by the party inside and outside.

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