LATEST NEWS Auburn's last second goal against Alabama makes difference in...

Auburn’s last second goal against Alabama makes difference in Iron Bowl victory


What should we call the last minute of Alabama-Abern? The “Lock Lock”?

The 16th-seeded Tigers were able to reach the end of Saturday’s first half of the Crimson Tide fifth place, but only after officials put the second back on the game clock after a critical video. The clock had hit all zeros after a pass completion gave a first down, but the revision specifies the clock should have stopped at: 01.

The ball was spotted, Auburn got the break before half time and Anders Carlson changed from 52 yards to cut Alabama’s lead to 31-27. The difference ended in a 48-45 victory for the Tigers.

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Alabama coach Nim Shaban was alive when the crew giving the script put the second back on the clock.

“Well, they said there was a second on the watch,” Saban told CBS’s Allie LaForce at half time, “but it’s a live watch, so if (the officials) cut the watch, there’s no way to snap it and kick it. in a second, if you hit the ball you have to have three seconds to do it, so I don’t get it. “

It is also worth noting that the SEC’s Twitter page dedicated to the event has not published anything to explain the decision since Saturday night. In fact, the account was inactive as of noon on Saturday.

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