Audi of America’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tara Rush, Steps Down: What This Means for the Automaker

Audi of America CMO Tara Rush Departs Automaker


Audi of America Chief Marketing Officer Tara Rush is leaving the automaker. Rush joined Audi in 2019 as chief communications officer before being promoted to CMO in November 2020. She previously served as the chief corporate affairs officer at Heineken USA.

Statement from Audi of America President

Audi of America President Daniel Weissland expressed gratitude for Rush’s contributions to the business during a transformative time in the industry. He wished her the best in her future endeavors. Weissland mentioned that Rush plans to take some time off before starting her next chapter.

Interim Marketing Department Leadership

Jessica Thor, Audi of America’s director for brand strategy, and Maggie Mohiuddin, director of brand channel marketing, will lead the marketing department on an interim basis, according to an internal memo from Weissland.

Changes in Creative Agencies

Under Rush’s leadership, Audi of America hired Ogilvy as its new lead U.S. creative agency in May 2022, replacing Venables, Bell & Partners. Ogilvy had previously collaborated with Audi in South Africa, China, and Germany. The agency is expected to launch its first major campaign for Audi soon.

Successful Quarter for Audi

Audi’s U.S. sales saw a significant increase of 49 percent in the quarter, reaching 52,763 vehicles. This growth can be attributed to the expanding lineup of electric vehicles and increased crossover inventory.

Other Open Marketing Positions in the Industry

Rush’s departure leaves three top marketing jobs open in the automotive industry. General Motors is yet to replace Deb Wahl, who left in March, and Ford has not named a CMO to replace Suzzy Deering, who left Ford in late 2022.

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