Austin: Moscow faces setback after setback in Ukraine

With its recent withdrawal into southern Ukraine and the withdrawal of its forces from the city of Kherson, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin believed that Russia was facing setback after setback on Ukrainian soil.

And he stressed during a press conference on Wednesday that his country will continue to support Kiev no matter how long the war lasts.

He also stressed that Western support helped Ukrainian forces recapture Kherson.

$18.6 billion

Commenting on the recent military aid arriving in Kiev and its effectiveness on the battlefronts, Austin explained that the percentage of “NASMAS” systems intercepting Russian missiles, for example, is 100%.

In addition, he stressed that his country has provided Ukraine with valued military aid in $18.6 billion.

Regarding the incident of a missile that fell on a Polish border town yesterday, he clarified that his country will continue to work with its allies to gather all information on what happened.

Interestingly, since the beginning of the Russian military operation on the territory of the western neighbor on February 24, Western aid, led by the Americans, has been pouring into Kiev, in exchange for a barrage of sanctions on Moscow that hit all camps.

Russia has repeatedly put in guard against the supply of advanced and intelligent weapons and long-range missiles to the Ukrainian authorities, considering it a red line for its security.

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